The real work in Second Life

In the long term (2-3 months) are going to start a project to create a representation of SL one university. Objectives: advertising, work with the applicants, especially foreign, a visual representation of content, ext. platform for distance learning programs.

5 March 2007 | , advertising, content, creation, month, presentation, projects, second life, university

Game blockbusters - 2007. Part I
Games industry from February 26 to March 4. Events. Facts. Comments

• Swedish users of Second Life ahead of the government of his country »»»
Opening of the Embassy of Sweden in the online game Second Life is scheduled for the coming months.
• Of app stores and Apple removed Google scandalous game plastic surgeon »»»
" onmouseover="'#ebeff9'" onmouseout="'#fff'">Google and Apple removed the application to mobile phones.
• The economy faces the threat of Second Life »»»
As reported by CNET News, User Group Second Life, which included a man hiding under the nickname Baba Yamamoto, established a program CopyBot, which allows to copy any object in the virtual universe - from clothing to the virtual machine.
• 1C-SoftKlab absorbed Snowball »»»
1C-SoftKlab and Snowball Studios have announced the merger. Studio will be integrated into the structure of 1C-SoftKlab; her team headed to work on projects.
• Compromised security system console Playstation 3 »»»
With hackers PSJailbreak claims that she was able to circumvent the protection of game console Playstation 3 and set on her own, and pirated software.