The attractive wildness: Wildlife Park 2 / ITNOVOSTI.RU

Simulators zoos enough - to take even the most popular Zoo Tycoon 2. However, the new toys Wildlife Park 2 from B-Alive is a very special charm.

25 July 2006 | simulator, toy

Game of death / ITNOVOSTI.RU
10 reasons why you do not need the PlayStation 3.

• The good old games »»»
Remarkable in all respects chelovechische dogbowl of Nashville collects antique toys company Nintendo.
• The best simulation of all time was late for 11 years - »»»
Disk with toys for consoles Sega CD, been conceived as made popular in America comedians Penn and Teller, had yet to see the light 11 years ago.
• New toys Yandex »»»
Are New Year’s toys lying around in the closet? Let it be virtual toys.
• Virtual people will acquire stories »»»
Company Electronic Arts announced the game The Sims Life Stories, an offshoot of the popular series of simulators of human life The Sims, reported on the website Gamespot.
• Buildings in Moscow in SecondLife started with Red Square »»»
At Moscow Island in the popular online game SecondLife construction began on the Red Square.