Do not let men play!

2005, South Korea. 28-year-old boy, lost in Starcraft 50 hours without a break, he died from exhaustion and stress. 1982. 18-year-old boy died of a heart attack right next to the gaming machine. His heart long ago anywhere no good, but who refuses to once again blame game? The same in 2005, Shanghai. One guy stabbed the other over a virtual sword - the sensational and well-known story.
In 2001, an avid player of Everquest 2 has committed suicide. While direct evidence linking his suicide with gambling and was not (the cockroaches in my head the 21-year boy missing and without Everkvesta), his mother just in case, sued the company, SOE. 13-year Chinese knowingly allowed to play WoW - it eventually jumped from the 24-story building. So he decided to meet with gaming friends there in the afterlife …
In 2007, again 13-year-old schoolboy. No, he is alive, but the old woman, murdered and robbed in order to play. Extracted as much $ 6 a penny. Parents took away Halo 3 and the teenager hid in a safe, for which he shot them with a revolver found next to the game. “Fresh”, last year’s murder: 27-year-old killed tiny daughter for what she pulled off and smashed a game console, a year-old girl was beaten to death, game controllers, without explaining the reasons.
And, of course, how in this business without GTA? Fans of the series took from the police revolver and shot three other servants of the law, and then on their car crashed through the wall of the police station. Quite in the spirit of the series.
You do not notice the total of all these deaths, combined in a Top 10 website A closer look!

You do not think it strange that the female sex in the hit parade act solely as passive side? Where the news about girls, committed suicide due to the expulsion from the guild? Where manyachki-robber, knocks from passers-wallets to attend a game the club? Where fierce Valkyries smashing skull own husbands, who dared to ask for food in the midst of the raid?

14 October 2010

Readers will be the first to play the computer game “House MD”
Demand for the consoles and games in the U.S. falls

• Coming reissue GTA: San Andreas »»»
In October 2014, as you know, it will be exactly 10 years since the release without a doubt a great, revolutionary at the time and became a legendary game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
• Stavropolets presented himself as a hero computer game GTA. The result of the "game" - one dead, six wounded, several accidents »»»
July 5 at the track “Novoaleksandrovsk-Stavropol” to create a thriller based on the famous video game Grand Theft Auto.
• China bans online games after child abduction for ransom to pay a monthly subscription to play »»»
Gentstvo Associated Press reports that China banned the advertising of
• For PS3 shot is not fan »»»
Interesting details were revealed about the man that stood on November 17 in the queue for the PlayStation 3 and was shot by intruders.
• 10-year-old Muscovite drew thief game on the computer, and came home owner held him »»»
Muscovite with a child of ten could neutralize of two robbers in his apartment, and release the minor hostage.