Ability to win complete sets devaysov Razer fans from the game Aion

26.10.09 end of the competition, organized game portals gamer.ru together with Innova dedicated online game Aion. Winners will be awarded kits devaysov Razer and other gifts …

20 October 2009 | company, contest, fan, number, opportunity, portal, present, set, winner

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The apartment Evsukova found the game Postal 2

• Blocked users can pay off half a liter of fresh blood »»»
Operator major online games offered blocked gamers to donate their blood to come back into the game.
• Doom Creator rewarded for his contribution to the development of gaming industry »»»
March 11 this year in San Francisco will hold its annual Awards ceremony in game development Game Developers Choice Award.
• Gameland Award - Russia's first awards ceremony in the field of computer and video games »»»
Online voting has already begun on the site of the ceremony.
• The multiplayer game for solving of pictures and words. »»»
Korrova - a social game of solving a fascinating puzzle, words and pictures.
• Creator Sims received the award »»»
Producers Guild of America announced that on January 20 will be awarded prizes in 2007 Vanguard Award for outstanding achievement in the modern media technologies, the creator of The Sims and SimCity Will Wright.