Mobile Sea Dogs

One of the most popular computer games available for mobile phones! Akella Company presents a new mobile project “Sea Dogs”, created in explanation of the famous computer game with the same name.

Time and place of action - the era bukanirov in the West Indies, between 1560 and 1720 years. It was a time of new kings and empires, testing the strength and power of powers, when a man with courage and intelligence could achieve all of what can only dream of. The player is invited to try their hand at craft royal pirate. At the same time, nobody forbids to engage in peaceful trade, perform quests, search for the mysterious treasure. The ultimate goal of the game - to ensure victory for his country in the battle for supremacy at sea. Game features: vast expanses of ocean available for the study - the opportunity to participate on the side of one of four states - the relative freedom of action, to be a peaceful trader or a pirate - the abundance of additional tasks not connected with the main objective of the game - an opportunity targeted search for treasure - the opportunity to complete their own ship - a unique system of battle.

28 August 2006 | company, motif, name, opportunity, phone, projects

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