Final Fantasy 11, double 2?

Business Website Nikkei reported, citing unnamed sources that Square Enix intends to release a continuation of the online RPG Final Fantasy 11 for three platforms: PS3, Xbox 360 and PC (or rather, Windows Vista). Official representatives of the publishing house refused to comment.

SUPPLEMENT. A few hours later Square Enix has denied these rumors. According to the press manager of the company, it was not the sequel to FF11, but the MMORPG, announced back at E3 2005. It is based on an entirely new universe, and being developed for PC/PS3/Xbox 360.

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• The European release of Final Fantasy XII »»»
Ozraduytes! It is officially, Square Enix announced that the release of Final Fantasy XII in the Old World will be held in February this year, 23 numbers.
• La sortie européenne de Final Fantasy XII »»»
Ozraduytes! Elle est officiellement, Square Enix a annoncé que la sortie de Final Fantasy XII dans l’Ancien Monde aura lieu en Février cette année, 23 numéros.
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Ozraduytes! Es ist offiziell bekannt, Square Enix, dass die Freisetzung von Final Fantasy XII in der Alten Welt im Februar dieses Jahres stattfinden wird, 23 Nummern.
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Озрадуйтесь! Совершенно официально, Square Enix сообщила, что релиз Final Fantasy XII в Старом Свете состоится в феврале этого года, 23 числа.
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Озрадуйтесь! Абсолютно офіційно, Square Enix повідомила, що реліз Final Fantasy XII в Старому Світі відбудеться в лютому цього року, 23 числа.