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28 August 2011

EA will provide the best games on GAMESCOM 2011
Linden Lab encourages owners paid accounts

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If you play a great game World of Warcraft, and decided to pump some of its Persian … time to buy a little gold wow!
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Previously, the most popular “exchanger” game currency on the Internet was auction eBay, where it was possible not only to buy the currency, but also to find any digital artifacts for almost any game.
• World of Warcraft trial-version released »»»
On the official website, Blizzard has become available for download shareware version of game play World of Warcraft: Starter Edition.
• Article "The virtual world comes" »»»
The boundary between the virtual and the real world has changed dramatically.
• New Star Wars: Battlefront comes out next month »»»
New Star Wars: Battlefront comes out next month, but the players are already available early beta version.