From the standpoint of Science: Star Clock / Naked Science: Star clock (2010) SATRip

The film tells about a complex and unique device by which the ancient Greeks over 2000 years ago determined the positions of celestial bodies. This device called the Antikythera mechanism, and it was found at the bottom of the Aegean Sea in 1901.

30 November 2011

Russian decision? Rokirovochka …
Computer Shooting alter brain for a week

• Switzerland has banned computer games with elements of cruelty. Gamers are indignant and want to hold a referendum »»»
Swiss Parliament approved a law banning violent games and is preparing to issue a document, prescribe its mechanism of action, reports MCV.
• Killer Office »»»
ZWORK - cas unique tueur de bureau! En outre, le jeu se déroule uniquement avec d’autres joueurs, c’est à dire MMOG.
• [IDDQD - protection from shovels] New Wolfenstein: crush Nazi vermin »»»
Worldwide came Wolfenstein: The New Order, a remake of a great game almost a quarter-century ago.
• Tomorrow, March 25, will take the Russian release of Nintendo 3DS »»»
Price of the device is unknown. One can only assume that the novelty will not be cheaper than in Japan.
• In the pre-Christmas sale has started Steam »»»
A couple of hours ago, began one of the largest annual sales of games through the service Steam.