Legendary shooter Doom today is 20 years old

December 10 marked the twentieth anniversary of the publication of one of the most influential computer games in the history of the industry - the legendary sci-fi horror shooter Doom. Experts with experience and gamers believe that it is his popularity largely determined the further development and dissemination of the genre of first-person shooters.

Development of Doom started in 1992, when Texas programmer and owner of id Software John Carmack created a new pseudo game engine - Doom. On its basis the company began to make a new game under the influence of thematic sci-fi movie “Aliens” and the horror film “Evil Dead 2.”

Name for the game Carmack borrowed from another movie - “The Color of Money” Scorsese. As explained by the ideas in the movie there is a scene where Tom Cruise is in the billiards room with a suitcase in hand and in response to the question “What do you have in there?” (”What have you there?”) Said with a sinister grin: “Doom”. And then danced all beats. That’s just going to hit id Software industry its new game, over which tried the best programmers, creating an incredible time for three-dimensional graphics. And it succeeded.

In the two years since the release in December 1993, played in Doom 10 million people, it quickly gained a cult status. The game appeared to continue and supplement. In 2004, left the game Doom 3, a new telling the old story - based on her 2005 movie was filmed Doom. In 2008 it was reported that the company id Software started the game Doom 4.

10 December 2013

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• Full development of DOOM 4 will begin in October »»»
Full-scale development shooter DOOM 4 will begin immediately after the release of Rage, said John Carmack (John Carmack).
• Doom Creator rewarded for his contribution to the development of gaming industry »»»
March 11 this year in San Francisco will hold its annual Awards ceremony in game development Game Developers Choice Award.
• Built Borderlands release Duke Nukem Forever »»»
President studio Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford (Randy Pitchford) confirmed that his company is developing the game Duke Nukem Forever.
• Gamers will be able to feel pain from the virtual blows and wounds »»»
Gamers will provide a tool for a deeper immersion in virtual reality.
• During the week of Modern Warfare 3 sold a record run of 12 million copies »»»
The company Activision reported on several new records, which put the shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.