Europa Universalis III

“When the Swedish company Paradox Interactive announced its intention to make the game Europa Universalis, thoroughly understanding the three hundred years of human civilization, the skeptics just shrugged his shoulders but was given a mountain of applications in the spirit of the project like it except that the professors at Oxford and Cambridge, and even a pair of three-piece memorized four-eyes, and the rest did not even glance at the cover. “Scandinavians did not comment on such sentences, but simply continued to work. imperceptibly crept time of release, and it was then discovered that the skeptics were wrong, the game is literally swept off the counter and demanded the additives. Less than a year later, came the second part, the timing of which parted to four centuries, and the number of playable countries exceeded 200. And they went and followed by other, less successful work of Paradox - two Hearts of Iron, Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun, Crusader Kings. And now no one doubts the competence and professionalism of the Scandinavians, are currently employed in the creation of Europa Universalis III. ”

13 September 2006 | company, development, europa universalis, hundred, projects, scandinavian, skeptic, statement

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