Closure of the Seed - the largest MMOG without fighting

Company Runestone officially filed for bankruptcy - they have tried, someone selling “received a lot of suggestions,” but the deal failed.

3 October 2006 | action, company, trade

Nintendo officially comes to Russia’s market
Kvazizhivaya toy Pleo ready to hit the market

• Microsoft game console will be released in Russia before the competitor from Sony »»»
In Russia start sales top box next generation XBox 360 from Microsoft.
• Among game developers start trading ideas »»»
The company Games That Matter, working in the field of computer games, unveiled its business model, which can be called unique.
• Neverwinter Nights 2 sent to the "gold" »»»
Neverwinter Nights 2 will be available in North America and Europe on 31 October and 3 November, respectively.
• Video game console Nintendo Wii - impressions eyewitness »»»
First, in Japan and America began selling Playstation 3, and now arrived, and Nintendo with its Wii.
• Where you are the most intelligent? »»»
In order to play a significant 13Mb, free, with appalling graphics and without the production of Introversion Softvare, got in a game review should be founded.