Triangular diplomacy in Civilization IV

Many new players use diplomacy effectively unsystematic way. They used diplomacy only when this became necessary. And just when another civilization asks or requires something. Most of the players decide what is best in this moment. To say that this is not the best option is unlikely.

You should research the land and see what civilization, where there are and how strong they are. You then need to decide which of these civilizations could enter into long-term alliance with you. You need to find two such civilization, which at the same time are in very good terms with each other. Actually, this is the triangular diplomacy.

You need to maintain the best relations with them. This means that when they ask about something, you should give it. For example, to stop trade with a certain civilization, which is not included in your triangle. If one of the civilizations belonging to the Alliance, asks you to declare war, you have to declare war, if it is safe for you (not necessarily to attack and keep the real fighting). Remember that failure to help give you a -1 in the relationship, and if you agree, plus 1 to 4.

Naturally, your relations with other civilizations inevitably deteriorate, but it’s better to have a best friend and worst enemy, what a lot of angry and dissatisfied.

is important to avoid to have a triangle “bespredelschikov”, a nation that can strike back. Naturally, any of the civilizations can do it, especially if you’re too weak, but some of them do it more often than others. For example, Montezuma and Isabella. It would be nice to avoid belligerent nations, because otherwise you can have too many wars.

Of course you can change the triangle from time to time, but try to keep it for a long period.

23 October 2006 | alliance, civilization, diplomacy, image, nation, player, ratio, triangle, war

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