FBI and NCsoft - along merrier

The company NCsoft with ill-disguised glee reported about covering up shop L2Extreme, providing users with unauthorized access to the MMORPG Lineage II.

Igrodely, sobbing, ran to the FBI and complained of millions in losses, half a million illegal users and malicious pirates infringing the most flagrant and unceremonious manner. The company lost money in the first place to pay for traffic that generated a dishonest user - they downloaded the game and updates from the official servers and ran Gama on L2Extreme.

Feds, after a brief investigation, closed the ill-fated site and posted a reminder on it — say, copyright violation face fines up to $ 250,000 and five years in lockup. During the proceedings the agents a little closer to reality and called NCsoft figures - L2Extreme served not 500,000 “illegals”, and at best 50.000.

In the end everybody was satisfied. Also, of course, pirates.

25 November 2006 | access, company, fbi, lineage, mmorpg, ncsoft, pirate, user

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