Xbox 360 will become cheaper?

President of entertainment console unit Microsoft, Robbie Bach, shared with an American edition of his thoughts about the pricing policy of the Corporation in respect of the Xbox 360.

Shared in the same thought sounded very briefly and almost in the Leninist - reduce the price, lower the cost and reduce the price again. “X-box” currently occupies a leading position in the race with the PS3 and Wii, which has given him a whole year handicap.

During this year, honed the production process and much cheaper components consoles, allowing Microsoft to profit from each sold boxes . Do not use this advantage against competitors would be foolish - the retail prices should be reduced and they will be reduced.

Rumors about cheapening the Xbox 360 went before, but the corporation diligently refute them. Now behold, it turns out, all officially. The only question is when. Perhaps have time for Christmas?

Recall that the prefix is now worth U.S. $ 299 and $ 399 for regular and premium bundle, respectively.

28 November 2006 | corporation, departments, edition, microsoft, politics, prefix, president, xbox

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