How best to dodge the knife in Counter-Strike

This article will try to tell about it, how best to dodge the knife.
Typically, many soverzhayut error that trying to turn around, but for the time reversal, as a rule can make a 2 stroke with a knife.
But more talk about later.

So, consider a 3 situations:

1. Open space, where you can get away from the enemy in any direction.
Usually attack from behind, and in the forehead with a knife only to climb from despair, when run out of bullets, but no time to reload. Of course, you can quickly turn around and kill the enemy in the head, but this option is suitable only for players with skill games DEFINITION CS. More sensible is appended in the next, you should not turn around and try to get away from the knife in a direction opposite to the attacker and received at least a moment of respite, until the attacker comes into itself, is already possible to turn around and make some shots into his head.

2. A confined space, where the attack from the back at a time when you are standing face to a hazard.
So, here you need to withdraw from the trajectory of stroke.
To do this, we can proceed as follows: after the first strike to sit down and streyfanutsya sharply to the side - so you go out of sight of the attacker, and while he realized that you can take counter-measures (as they say, the best defense - attack).

3. If you are attacked in the pipe.
Here you can not sreyfanutsya, escape, etc.
Everything depends on you, but rather on your accuracy and speed of reversal.

10 October 2009 | article, counter-strike, enemy, knife, mistake, space, stroke, time, turn

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