Network shooter Team Fortress 2 was free

Valve Company has made online shooter Team Fortress 2 for free. From now on, anyone can download a game simply by logging into the system Steam.

In the middle of last week, Valve has opened the Steam special section for the distribution of free games, but then there appeared only MMO games from third parties. Then, developers were told that they themselves are not averse to release anything that way, for everyone. And here’s the result.

For those who have not heard of Team Fortress 2, we explain: the game has never required any maintenance fees, but she, like any sane product, distributed for a fee. With the release of a special supplement Über Update it can no longer buy. In addition, the game added the offline training mode for beginners, new weapons and map.

Valve will earn uhvatistaya on microtransactions - payments of additional items in-game store. Beginners, by the way, will face here with a few restrictions: less slots in the inventory and some trading limits.

One of the trailers the game Team Fortress 2:

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