Role playing will change the world - Norwegian Minister

39-year-old Minister for International Development of Norway Haikko Holmas with the age of 15 addictive role-playing games (RPG), at one time was one of the founders of the RPG-convention RegnCon. Moreover - in 1989 he won the championship of Norway on the game “Dungeons and Dragons.”

Also Holmas is a fan of live action role playing (LARP) - in particular, the game, which takes place in Norway during World War II. It was she who prompted the policy to the idea that these games can change the world, allowing you to recreate real conflicts in the built environment.

“During these games you have to recreate the real emotions, emotions that stay with you” - the words quoted Holmasa portal - “This is frightening aspect of role-playing games, which should be taken into account. At the same time, it allows to change the world of RPG. LARP also have the ability to change the world, as they allow participants to see firsthand that people who have blood pressure, may behave otherwise than under normal circumstances. “

29 March 2012

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