Concerts devoted to the games

The first concert, “made up” of the game music was held in 1994 in Tokyo. Shaw called the Orchestral Game Concert. The program, performed by the Tokyo City Orchestra, composed of …

26 October 2010

Valve is not must register DotA “DotA 2 - News, interviews, screenshots, download, 2 dota ai
Call of Duty: Black Ops - the best selling game in history?

• Flash skipping rope with a very rapid habituation »»»
90% of the atmosphere of this game makes the music.
• Games with DirectX 9 brake "Vista" »»»
Although, Microsoft has promised, but she could never be fully backward compatible new version of DirectX 10 (as we know, this version is completely rewritten, so radically different from previous), and older versions of DirectX.
• AMD Dual-Core Optimizer - acceleration for multi-core gamers »»»
AMD today released a new version of the proprietary utility Dual-Core Optimizer.
• The company Yahoo has established bus stops of San Francisco digital screens to passzhiry could play video games »»»
Internet giant Yahoo! set at 20 bus stops in various parts of the San Francisco digital screens that allow passengers, waiting for the bus, play video games.
• Games in Vista will run on 10-15% slower than XP »»»
This performance degradation will occur due to the fact that all the time in the memory is loaded new 3D interface Aero Glass.