In Steam to Russia is already available Jagged Alliance - Back in Action

Initially, the project was announced under the title Jagged Alliance 2: Reloaded, which was then renamed the Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, but the essence has not changed - it is a remake of the cult Jagged Alliance 2, which was released in 1999 and was well received by critics and players.

The developers claim that the new game will be a completely redesigned version of Jagged Alliance 2, which fixes the weakest points in the game. Of course, fans will get the updated graphics, new user interface and gameplay elements. In addition, it is known that the series for beginners will be provided training regime, which was not in the original.

Digital distribution of games available on Steam for 499 rubles. Admission to the sale of a new tactical ekshena Jagged Alliance: Back in Action in North America on 14 February this year, while in Europe it will be available from 10 of the same month.

9 February 2012

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Before you dig, colleagues, remember that the H2 is a category of “Games” and in it as much as much as 3 sub-sections.
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Bevor Sie graben Kollegen, denken Sie daran, dass der H2 eine Kategorie der “Spiele” ist und in ihr so ​​viel so viel wie 3 Teilbereiche.