Report from the conference TERA at Gstar 2009

On Saturday, November 28 at the show Gstar 2009, conducted by BEXCO, held a conference for users. The event team TERA discussed with the users of the major public opinion research data and records of testing.

8 December 2009 | community, company, conference, developer, events, opinion, show, survey, user

Japanese doubles allowed an unforgivable mistake in the localization of Modern Warfare 2
Graphics is 2 / 3 of the cost of the game

• Graphics is 2 / 3 of the cost of the game »»»
On Saturday, November 28 start Gstar, organized in Busan company BEXCO.
• Graphics est de 2 / 3 du coût du jeu »»»
Le samedi, Novembre 28 compagnies Gstar, organisé à Busan société BEXCO.
• Visitors to Google spent 5,000,000 hours over a game of Pac-Man »»»
May 21 Google users conducted over a game of Pac-Man 4,8 million hours, writes a blog RescueTime.
• PSP:: SONY Press Conference at E3 »»»
In anticipation of the exhibition E3 EXPO, SONY held a press conference and spoke about the updates to the company, which we see in the near future.
• They kill the Russians every day »»»
A major American publication - The Washington Post, known for its ambiguous position regarding the mythical "Russian hackers", compiled a list of the main villains of computer shooters.