1C-SoftKlab absorbed Snowball

1C-SoftKlab and Snowball Studios have announced the merger. Studio will be integrated into the structure of 1C-SoftKlab; her team headed to work on projects, the most demanding containment and removal of the market, including projects in the genres of RPG, RTS / TBS and adventure that went under the name of Snowball.

Production Facility Snowberry Connection, Snowball created in 2006 to finance and launch into the international market of independent projects of Russian and European designers, will also continue its work in a group 1C-SoftKlab.

5 May 2010

U.S. Supreme Court will review a ban on the sale of “violent games” to children under 18 years
The State Duma adopted a law on the factions “of small parties in regional parliaments

• The next game from id Software »»»
At QuakeCon 2006 John Carmack announced that id Software has begun work on another big project.
• Officially launched Call of Duty Online »»»
Publisher Activision has officially submitted a shooter Call of Duty Online, reports VG24 / 7.
• Libyan planes bombed the fuel storage Qasr Ahmed about g.Misurata »»»
For the destruction of strategic facility used small aircraft, from which in peacetime were sprayed fertilizer during agricultural work.
• Rashkintsy, be vigilant, even the walls and ceiling have ears and eyes. For you should have more eye heads the FBI! »»»
“The head of the FBI Raska sees and hears everything.
• "Three Kingdoms" - a new game project for the same-name book series by Yuri Nikitin »»»
Company Area IT announces the beginning of work on a new game projects under the working title “Three Kingdoms” on the same-name book series by renowned science fiction writer Yuri Nikitin.