MMO Strategy for End of Nations will fall

End of Nations, a massively multiplayer strategy studio Petroglyph Games, will appear this fall.

But the play will be much earlier: in the autumn will release version, but before the developers intend to carry out two stages of beta testing. First, “feel” the game will be in a proprietary format, it will happen in late spring. The second phase, which will have access to all launched in the summer.

Although the exact date of the beta is not called, apply for, you can now. Platform games have a - a PC. The publisher is the company Trion Worlds.

The game combines the traditional elements of the strategy and MMORPGs (hero development system, crafting, the division into classes, the system of guilds). Learn the basics of management will be in the single player campaign. But the main fun unfold in cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes. The project will be distributed by shareware scheme, however, is not going anywhere, and the familiar monthly subscription.

22 March 2012

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