The virus attacks the Angry Birds of Android users

Unofficial sites to download Android-application may contain a hacker version of the game Andry Birds Space, which allows cyberhawks to take full control of your smartphone. “Trojan” called Kongfu-L, contained in the game, without the user installs malicious code that give access to personal data - profile on Facebook, login e-mail and even bank details.

The ability to download free applications for Android from virtually any source operating system makes vulnerable as Achilles’ heel. In a malicious program can stumble on free sites, as the official version of the malicious Google Play Angry Birds can not be found.

Besides the already mentioned problems with the malicious virus Android users can use to cyberattacks other sites.

Sophos, a dedicated anti-virus development, said that now, indeed, Android is part of a botnet. “Users need to be constantly on guard, downloading applications from unauthorized sites” - say representatives from Sophos.

16 April 2012

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• Play Angry Birds broke the mark of a billion downloads »»»
Angry Birds Puzzle overcome the barrier of one billion downloads.
• Les oiseaux jouent en colère brisent la marque d'un milliard de téléchargements »»»
Angry Birds Puzzle surmonter la barrière d’un milliard de téléchargements.
• Based on the play Angry Birds animated series will be released in the autumn, and in 2014 - the movie »»»
The Finnish company Rovio, creating a popular game for mobile devices Angry Birds, the fall will release a cartoon based on the Angry Birds of 52 short episodes, reports The Telegraph.
• Spielen Sie Angry Birds brach die Marke von einer Milliarde Downloads »»»
Angry Birds Puzzle überwinden die Barriere von einer Milliarde Downloads.
• There was release of the transport economic strategy of real time OpenTTD 1.0.0 »»»
After 6 years after the start of development and three Release Candidates OpenTTD game reached version 1.