Medal of Honor developers have removed the Taliban from multiplayer

Publisher Electronic Arts has decided to remove from the multiplayer Medal of Honor to play on the side of the fighters of the Taliban. As reported on the official website of the game, the team that in online games is opposed to American troops, now called “enemy forces”.

Producer of Medal of Honor Greg Goodrich (Greg Goodrich) said that it is nothing more than a cosmetic change that does not affect the players. In single-player campaign will remain in the Taliban as enemies. According to Goodrich, the developers have removed them from the multiplayer because of dissatisfaction with friends and relatives of soldiers killed in Afghanistan. He stressed that the Medal of Honor series has always admired the military and would never intentionally insult them.

First-person shooter Medal of Honor comes out Oct. 13, 2010 on platforms PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game takes place in Afghanistan in 2001, at an early stage of NATO’s war with the Taliban. ” Oct. 4 began open beta testing games.

4 October 2010

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