AGAiN in Frag eXecutors?

As soon as the adverts fresh Counter-Strike project
‘Guns Are Drawn’, people thought, “what the organization will choose the Polish guys?”. Many of them are looking at sites cybersport subjects stumbled upon intreguyuschy fact. Great attention is the owner of the site ‘Guns Are Drawn’. This Adrian Witkowski, who is one of the founders of Frag eXecutors, a famous Polish team in CS 1.6. Nevertheless, it is a marketing manager for one of the main sponsors
Fx - one2tribe sp z o.o.
Tembolee we have important information … In the February edition of one of the popular men’s magazines illustrated CKM has an article devoted to “how to train, like, pro-gamer. The article offers useful information to us Wiktor ‘Taz’ Wojtas, a team member AGAiN and famous player. Article posvyaschetsya studies, exercises, training to COP matches. Interestingly, however, in view of Victor udivetelnuyu we can read the line: “team player Frag eXecutors”. Well it looks like we will see five guys in the Polish FX. However, this information is still unconfirmed

19 January 2010

The President of Venezuela against the PlayStation
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