Gamers will help the U.S. Navy to catch Somali pirates

Long years of training in military academies, the real experience of fighting and other baggage of this warrior is not always the key to a successful operation that has repeatedly been confirmed by the notorious Somali pirates. Despite all the measures taken, pirates continue to lyutovat and earn money for captured ships. Therefore, the engineers of the American Navy decided to ask advice from the world of reason, that is, Internet users.
To do this, they appealed to people in their own language and have prepared a special project - a multiplayer online game MMOWGLI (Massive Multiplayer Online War Game Leveraging the Internet), which will be launched next Monday. This game will allow young gamers to distract from hits such as Call Of Duty and use their skills for good. As part of the game, users offer their capture pirates scenario, put forward the idea of ​​the resources required to conduct operations and make assumptions about the possible risks. After that, other players vote for or against the ideas put forward and make their adjustments, they can extend the idea to give a counter, adjust the direction or ask additional questions.

Discussion lasts three rounds, each of which takes a week. After three weeks, the system builds a logical structure of the discussion and gives a tree-like form. In other words, the game is more on the category of collective brainstorming and system analysis, running with a gun on the deck of the Navy scientists are not interested. Nevertheless, this form of the organizers of the game is the most effective.

15 May 2011

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