Developers S.T.A.L.K.E.R. founded the studio Vostok Games

Ex-soldiers stalker front of the Ukrainian GSC Game World engaged in the creation of a network shareware shooter. Instead, the project successfully passed away STALKER Two.

In December last year, we learned that GSC Game World was closed, and the development of the second part of STALKER, clear frozen. But developers are leaving the industry, fortunately, did not want to, and founded his own studio, calling it a Vostok Games. The debut of a new team project will be “free2play MMO-first-person shooter Survarium“.

In the near future, a kind of a global ecological catastrophe will lead civilization to the brink of death. In the city there comes an impenetrable forest, mad animals and birds are attacking people who appear never before a … In general, while scientists try to understand what was going on, we will fight. “This is a new stage of evolution of the idea of ​​STALKER”, - the developers say.

Output Survarium (PC only) is scheduled for late 2013.

12 May 2012

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