Released Diablo III

Blizzard Entertainment has finally favored the fans of the famous action-RPG Diablo: Today, May 15, on sale the third part, created just for the PC and their relatives “Mac.”

We had to wait twelve years. However, the Russians and other Third World countries have not yet got the game, the phenomenon is scheduled for June 7. Servers to install earned yesterday, and run the game the suffering public could at midnight.

Twenty years have passed since the Sanctuary rid of bloodthirsty undead led by the demon Diablo, Mephisto and Bala. Deckard Cain is familiar to you on the last game, he returned to the ruins of the cathedral Tristramskogo to find a means to combat evil. “From the sky, flames, went the herald of the Apocalypse: blow fell in the same place, through which once entered the world of Diablo” - the developers are happy. In general, the new evil never sleeps, the characters are urgently needed for an adequate response of the good.

One of the features of the project will be a special auction, which will allow you to sell unwanted items for both in-game gold, and for real money.

15 May 2012

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