All the well-known company Blizzard, may reissue the first two parts of the Warcraft series

14 November 2013 | blizzard, company, director, exhibition, man, projects, series, warcraft

GraviTire 3D innovation in mobile games.
Sales of new-generation game console PlayStation 4 launched in North America, the price is $ 399

• Company Stainless Games has officially confirmed rumors that she is engaged in restarting the well-known in the last series of games Carmageddon »»»
Stainless Games today announced the development of the game Carmageddon: Reincarnation.
• Studio Firaxis left by the last two games in the series Civilization »»»
Soren Johnson, who worked as a designer and programmer of artificial intelligence Civilization III and the chief designer Civilization IV, left the studio Firaxis.
• "Three Kingdoms" - a new game project for the same-name book series by Yuri Nikitin »»»
Company Area IT announces the beginning of work on a new game projects under the working title “Three Kingdoms” on the same-name book series by renowned science fiction writer Yuri Nikitin.
• Kyiv the company that created the game STALKER and "The Cossacks", decided to self-destruct »»»
I work in this industry. I did not expect. No one was expecting.
• World of Warcraft: news from the fields »»»
The official web page of a hit MMORPG from Blizzard’s