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Nostalgia is a strange thing, isn't it? You have a powerful PC, a lot of games. Every one is a bestseller with a lot of features and different interesting things. But anyway you miss something and feel extremely excited and happy when there is somebody who talks about some old games you like.

And you begin to remember. A game that you spent a lot of hours with. It was such a simple game without heavy 3D graphics and gigabytes of space needed to install. But that was a game in the full meaning of this word.

That was a game that you will never forget.

Classic Lines was one of these games. It stole a lot of free time hours on any person from schoolers to people who just played and played it their offices.

Magic Lines is a very interesting addition for classic Lines game with some features. It is simple to begin playing it but it is hard to stop.

How to play Magic Lines?

When you launch it you can see a playing board. And there are 6 balls available on the board for the first time. 3 of them are big and you can move them. The others are small and you will be able to move them as well the next step. You need to build a line from similar balls. After you get 5 or more this line will explode making more room for you on a board and of course giving you some points.

Any ball you want to move needs to have a clear way to a destination you shown or you will not be able to move it at all! The main objective of the game is trying to remove all the balls from the board. And of course to earn as much points as you can to brag about it with your friend.

You can move only one ball for a step. And there are three additional balls will appear after every step if no line was exploded.

You can see what kind of balls will appear on the right of the board in a small screen. Also you can see where they will be placed by default. These two hints can be easily turned off if you find gameplay too easy.

Magic Lines tips

Just to be cute, there is a lamp that lights up the balls and you can adjust the light intensity, or you can even make the lamp visible. You can point this lamp just moving the mouse.

Moreover you can save you game to a file any time and continue playing when you will have some free time.

There is also a built-in MIDI player where you can place your MIDI songs and listen to it while playing this exciting game.

And of course you can always change game view from balls to classic colored Lines circles.

Play this game the way you want. Collect points and beat all your friends in Magic Lines!

Magic Lines features

  • amazing 3d graphic
  • lighting 3D effects
  • excellent sound effects
  • built-in midi player.

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