Magic Beads Game

About Magic Beads

Magic Beads screenshot

Magic Beads is is an extremely addictive puzzle game. Make one color lines of at least three matching blocks. They disappear and you score points.

How to play Magic Beads?

The novelty of Magic Beads is that here you deal with falling lines, composed of three multicolored blocks. As this line is falling, you must swap colors of the blocks to make a match at the drop.

Magic Beads tips

For an incredibly high score, try to match more blocks at one drop. More than five blocks disappeared at once will give you bonus points.

Magic Beads features

You can change the look of the blocks by choosing the skin you like.

Feasting your eyes on these beads, you give your mind a shelter from the storm of annoying thoughts. Splendid graphics, visual and sound effects make you feel simply enthralled with the game. The midi music accompanying the game is another delicate choice for you to make. Try the puzzle and feel the pure pleasure!

Main features:

  • amazing 3d graphic
  • several colorful skins for falling blocks;
  • changeable background style;
  • excellent sound effects
  • built-in midi player.

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