Magic Tetcolor

About Magic Tetcolor

Magic Tetcolor screenshot

Magic Tetcolor is an addictive remix of the Tetcolor DOS game - a famous dynamic and well balanced puzzle game.

How to play Magic Tetcolor?

Build rows of minimum 3 blocks of the same color (horizontal, diagonal, vertical) which are then removed. Removing more than 5 blocks at one drop you receive some bonuses.

Magic Tetcolor tips

The score grows incredibly when you remove more blocks at the time. For example for 5 blocks removed you get 10 times more points than for 3!

We suggest the following strategy: build the combinations where more blocks removed at one drop.

Magic Tetcolor key features

The game starts slowly at first and speeds up with the time (what is indicated by the level). The game stops when the field is filled and there is no room for the new figure to appear.

While playing, your current position in high scores list is shown by yellow indicator on the right border of the game field.

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