Free Minesweeper Game

About Free Minesweeper Game

Free Minesweeper game screenshot

Combat Engineer is free Minesweeper game remix. You start from the center and have a limited time to reach the corners and switch off the bombs in the corners of the playing board.

How to play Minesweeper game?

Left mouse button click uncovers the cell. Digit in cell shows number of neighbour mines. No digit - no mines around. Right mouse button click marks the cell where you think the mine should be. Also you can play play with keyboard. Every time you try to uncover wrong cell (with mine) you are blow up. Your energy suit can hold 2 explosions.

Minesweeper game tips

Difficulty level of the game can be chahged from a «Level» menu. Number of mines on field and time limit are both depend on the level.

To pause Minesweeper you should minimize the game window.

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