Agile Lines

About Agile Lines

Agile Lines screenshot

Agile Lines is an addictive variation of the popular Lines game.

The objective of the game is to remove from the playing board as many balls as possible by placing them in rows of five or more.

Agile Lines Features

Besides the classic five-in-a-row variety there are two more types of the game:

  • in one of them you remove balls from the board by building small squares
    (containing four balls or more);
  • in another one your objective is to build blocks of seven or more balls.

The use of the multicolored "joker" balls gives a new twist to the old concept: these universal balls can be used to complete shapes of any color and in the hands of a skillful player they can be very helpful.

The game features three difficulty levels:

  • Easy: balls of 7 colors (multicolored inclusive) are used in the game.
  • Medium: balls of 8 colors (multicolored inclusive) are used in the game.
  • Hard: balls of 8 different colors are used. No multicolored balls.

Another useful feature is autosave: when you quit the game, the current position is saved, and when you start Agile Lines again, the last position is automatically restored. You can save your games using the standard Save feature. Also you can undo the last move.

How to play Agile Lines?

Agile Lines has three playing modes: Lines, Squares and Blocks.

In Lines mode you aim is to remove from the playing board as many balls as possible by placing them in the horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows of 5 (or more). The multicolored "joker" ball can be used instead of the balls of any other color (that is you can use it to complete any line). In the picture placing the multicolored ball in the specified position will remove both the blue and the red row.

The objective of the Squares game is the same as with the Lines game, but in order to remove the balls from the playing board you must build squares of 4 or 6 balls. You can also use the "joker" ball here.

In the Blocks mode you must remove from the board as many balls as possible by building blocks containing seven balls or more.

Agile Lines Tips

Use the multicolored ball to complete several shapes with a single move and remove the maximum number of balls to score more points.

If you successively remove several shapes, the points you earn for removing the second, third etc. shape are multiplied by its ordinal number (the points scored for the second shape are multiplied by 2, for the third - by 3 and so on). Suppose that you remove 5 balls from the board with the first move and 6 more balls with the second move. In the latter case you score 8 points for removing the balls and this number is multiplied by 2, because it's the second successively removed shape. If you remove 5 more balls with the next move, you will score 5*3=15 points.

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